Cleansing, purging, release. Letting go, opening up.  Walking away, hanging on.  Losing, winning.  Risk…fly or fall.  Excitment, despair.  Tragedy, Miracles.  Hope, Fear.  Pain…poetic and attoning.  Scary beginnings, tragic endings, farewells, goodbyes.  Exciting adventures, connecting, witnessing, transcending.  Walking away, being left behind.  Being fought for, fighting for something.  Regrets, disappointments, what could have beens, why nots?  Moments of hypnotic silence and pure bliss.  Tears give witness to so many moments in our lives.  They signify life at its purest moments stripped of all the chaotic superficialities.  Sometimes we see our lives as a series of events, but miss out on the beauty born in these moments.  Moments of what it means to live.  Losing something represents a saying goodbye to the object you are losing in addition to who you were before it left.  Loss represents a new infinity of possibilities and potentiality.  You die to who you were everytime your life takes a turn, giving birth to who you will be come.  Sometimes letting go and walking away is the most powerful thing you can do.  When you walk away, you show yourself that you deserve better rather than stick around to engage in a fruitless battle.  Opening up, hanging on.  There is nothing more beautiful and exciting than a new connection.  The end game is not significant in this moment.  You are allowing yourself to be shaped by another human being with infinite characteristics and intricacies.  Connecting on a soul level is such a beautiful part of the journey…its like taking a break from the travels to simply dance in the rain, living life fully and completely, surrendering to the moment, the joy, the passion, the fire.  Risk…fly or fall.  Our spirits are at their highest forms of creating when we allow ourselves to take a risk.  There is so much beauty and vitality in both the fall and the flight.  These are actions of living, choices to partake, to participate-raw without fear or desiring to control.  The outcome doesn’t matter because the risk is all there is, it is the reason for living and breathing.  It is the teacher and the lesson.  For without it, we cannot come to know ourselves, who we can become, what we can recover from.  The leap is a baptism into the world and the act of living rather than the passive accidental being.  Sometimese being brought to our knees delivers us to our thrones.  It is from there that we are able to see the possibilities, the realities, we can see beyond seeing.  It is often our darkest moments that are teaching us and shaping us, delivering us stronger, better, deeper, and more adept to extract joy and ecstacy, inspired and affected.  Tears are sacred, they are necessary and they are beautiful.  Be a witness to yourself in these moments and extract the underlying grace and beauty that you are in the midst of adopting.  Tears are our teachers, our witness, our rawness.  Beginnings, Ends, Moments of sacredness.  Life is not an accident, it is a creation, live it as such–Be a painter, paint your story and live the canvas.

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