five percent more….

What would you do with just five percent more courage? More anything? This has become one of my most powerful and game changing mantras. When we ask powerful questions, we get powerful answers. It doesn’t even matter if we currently have five percent more of the thing we are asking for. By asking for it, the action is revealed. All we have to do is follow it. And always follow first thought and follow it immediately. The sooner we can come to recognize and heed that quiet and gentle first voice and thought, the more dramatically our lives begin to change. The truth whispers and needs no defense, nor makes demands…it simply present the way. If you want to wake up with drastically different circumstances, then ask this question often and heed it instantly every time. Make it a practice, a way of life. Ride it like a wave to your potential, your calling, your truth. The noise of the world can make it difficult to do so, but with practice and consistency, it will become second nature. And one day it will appear as if you are King Midas, instantly manifesting the things in life that you desire.

The funny thing about heeding first thought and acting on our five percent more, or even the potential of five percent more is that it will actually require less faith and effort. When we simply act without giving ourselves time to talk, think or rationalize ourselves out of it, we allow ourselves to be carried by the natural flow and current of life and the universe. We no longer are insisting on swimming upstream which is essentially what we do when we are in our heads, when we “TRY.” We simply do, we allow. The five percent more is not necessary, what is necessary is just acting without hesitation on the picture that comes up when we ask the question.

This works in every situation in every aspect of life. In a disagreement with a spouse? What would I say with just five percent more love? Dealing with a difficult customer? What would I do with just five percent more patience? Up against a seemingly impossible problem? What would I know with just five percent more wisdom? Struggling with yourself and your direction in life? What would I do with just five percent more belief? If there is one thing I would recommend to dramatically alter the course of your life, it would be this. Ask the question…what would I do/know/be/say with just five percent more……then get quiet, meditate, shut it all out and allow it to present itself to you and then drop everything and do it. Do not hesitate, do not doubt, do not think about it. Act as if you had five percent more, and you will have all that you need. Love and light and all my belief in each and every one of you! Be 100 proof today and everyday homies.

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