“The mirror of relationships shows us where we need to grow, and guides us forward. ” Kathy Freston.  Relationships are the topic of every female I know.  We talk about it over wine, over coffee, over dessert, any chance we get.  We pretend to try to figure out the key to a relationship.  Ladies, let it be known, I do not believe there is a secret equation, or password.  Don’t get me wrong, I think relationships are a beautiful thing.  I think there are people who can elevate our potential, who can inspire us and encourage our best selves.  I think that should be what we all strive for.  It saddens me that so many people when they feel empty inside, or that there is something missing, look outside of themselves for a solution.  They think that some accessory will heal their longings.  Of course, nothing can.  Instead of healing or growing those aspects within ourselves that need attention, we turn to someone else to complete us.  Completion is an illusion.  It is a prison that we put others in when we expect that from them.  No one can complete us.  It is our choice to find completion within ourselves in our current situations.  It is not a destination, it is a state of mind, a choice, an empowerment, a constant evolution.  Our version of completion today cannot hold a candle to what our completion will be further down the road…that is the blessing of age, of life, of growth.   If we are unable to look within ourselves, to our essence, to our connection and relationship with life as the source of our joy, peace and inspiration, we may tragically miss out on our inherent potential grace and glory and the gifts imprinted in our beings.  The answer is not around the next corner, it is in our own reflection in this moment.  Get right with yourself, and all will align itself with your rightness.  Peace. Love. Joy.

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