The Ocean

I have always felt a pull from the ocean.  Hypnotic. Poetic. Spiritual. Passionate. Organic. Commanding. Reverent. Raw.  Baptizing. Refreshing. Cleansing. Daring. Majestic. PEACEFUL.  I was blessed to spend this weekend on the beach.  I grew up in Oregon, and as I got older, I used to flee to the beach to get away and think, to put my thoughts in order.  The beach in Oregon is so different from what you think of in Cali or MIA.  Its quiet, serene, gloomy yet mystical.  I used to just sit on the balcony and let everything take me over, becoming my surroundings.  My thoughts and emotions swallowed up and taken temporarily from me.  In the meantime, I would sit in the moment and appreciate its entirety.

As I woke up in the morning, I would walk out to the beach and breath it in, exhaling any worries or vulnerabilities.  The ocean healing me and empowering me.  No matter what is going on in your life, the ocean has a way of making it whole and okay.  I believe it was bestowed with that capability.  Those that I have met in Cali and Hawaii that live on the beach contain those powers within them as well.  They are vessels of peace and awareness and reverence for the moment.  They do not worry, nor do they hurry.  They know that all is well and all will take care of itself.  They live fully and completely.

At night, I sat on the beach, alone in the dark.  I let myself become entangled in the serenity.  You realize how small and powerless you are as the waves crash in and out of their own accord, to their own agenda, their own poetry.  Nothing you could say could change that.  Yet as you witness their dance, the ocean in turn bears witness to your being, and that recognition empowers and cleanses your soul.  I don’t know that there is anywhere closer to heaven than the ocean.  It is like the story of the leper touching God, knowing that it would make him whole.  I believe the ocean is infused with those powers.  It is where I go to find equilibrium, to find peace, to find wholeness.  Meaning.  Purpose. Surrender. Hope. Rest. Joy. Calm. Serenity. Tranquility.

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