It amazes me how in life we are unexplicably drawn to another…like magnets.  It could be someone who unveils unacknowledged pain and insecurity, fear, heartache, withdraw, yearning.  It could be someone who offers a soft place to land, healing, comfort, serenity, peace, love, tranquility, desire.  At times we fight it like a fish caught on a hook or a horse being broken in…and most times we know not what we are fighting.  What is it that we fear?  Have we forgotten how to give up the fight and give into the ecstacy, or are we afraid that this other will swallow and consume us so that we are unable to find our way out, or survive its exit from our existence if that were to happen?  It is as if we flip the magnets around and allow the opposing force to repel one another without dealing with the what ifs, or might have beens.  I ask myself and all of you what life would look like if we gave in and surrendered to the possibilities.  Often we take on this fight alone without stopping to enlist those who can lessen the burden and soften the blow.   

Lately I came across the lyrics from “That’s How Strong My Love is by the likes of Otis Redding, The Rolling Stones, O.V Wright, and Alicia Keys.  I wonder why we don’t all stop the fight and accept this kind of love no matter the source or origination. 

Some people they call me crazy
For fallin’ in love with you
They can take me and lock me away baby
Cuz there’s nothing those bars can do
I’ll be the rising moon after the setting sun
just to let you know you’ll always have someone
I’ll be the clear as day when the rain is done
So you’ll always know
Through the shake of an earthquake
I will never fall
That’s how strong my love is
Like a shift through the storm
we can risk it all
That’s how strong my love is
I used to feel kinda lonely
There’s a world that can be so fake
All it matters I’m tellin’ you
It’s you and me only
And the fortress from love we make
I’ll be the water you need
in the desert land
Just to let you know you’ll always have my hand
I’ll be the woman you need to be a better man

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