Unseen Sorrows

My mind has been on a particular subject of late…as I just curled up to read before falling into dream land, the writings of my great grand father gave words to my thoughts once again…

“People are oftentimes misjudged as unfriendly when in reality they are sad from some secret sorrow…rallying to each other’s plight builds strength in both.  In fact, one successful way to forget one’s own burdens is to help bear another’s.”  He also reminded me that “no happiness can really be experienced without some knowledge of sorrow and pain.  Just as rainy days make the sunshine afterwards more beneficial, so does sorrow give joy more meaning and beauty.  If there were no shadows there would be no sunshine.  Hidden in the experience of pain is a lesson that teaches the appreciation of health.  The real worth of prosperity is found through the hardships of poverty.” 

It usually does not help to hear these things when you are in the depths of struggle, but I speak not to those of us who are struggling, but to those on the outside.  So often, we are hard on each other, or quick to criticize and judge each other’s actions.  Stop to think.  Step outside yourself, and choose to give the benefit of the doubt.  There are many who wear their sufferings on their sleeve, who believe they deserve pity or resent your blessings–have patience and love for them…but remember that there are the unseen, unrealized brave amongst us who carry their own crosses silently with hope that one day things truly will get better.  We may not understand where they have come from, or the road they have traveled.  While we complain about not having the newest pair of Chanels, or Burberry, there may be those in our circle struggling to make it through the day.  Lets all try to get out of ourselves and step out in compassion and support.  To close, I again quote my beloved great grand father…”Wishing for happiness must be replaced by the exercise of the best that is in us.”

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