I spend this Christmas alone and in reflection of many things.  Although they are not immediately in front of me, my cup runneth over with the love, support and encouragement that I am blessed with in my friendships.  For as long as I can remember, I have had people on my team who believe in me and accept me.  God does not leave holes in our lives.  Although for whatever reason, my family is not one of strong connections and unwaivering and unconditional love, I have been fortunate to be the recipient of these ingredients in the words and the hearts of those I call my friends.  I do want to say that my family is full of rich and strong spirits, and I love them all deeply.  Over the years, some friends have played a larger role than others, and some come and go from the picture, but they have all added undeniable strength and joy.  They are all a part of the foundation of who I am becoming day by day.  There are those who love me unconditionally flaws and all, there are those who call me out and remind me to be strong, those who make me laugh and remember to enjoy the moment, those who remind me to live out loud without restraint or concern for what others will think, those who remind me who I am when I have forgotten, but love me wherever I am at the moment, those who stand up for me when I forget to stand up for myself, those who remind me that it is okay and often necessary to be selfish, those who remind me to think beyond myself, those who tell me to get out of my own way, those who cry with me, those who pray with me, and all make my life worth living.  My thoughts, prayers, hopes and gratefulness go out to you all.  May God continue to bless you and yours, and may I continue to enjoy your strength and the richness that you add to my life.  Thank you.

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