Life…a series of letters from my great grandfather.

Letters from my great grandfather…

I came across a book written by my great grandfather tonight, and his words give life and validation to my thoughts.  I believe that it is true that those who came before us leave unfinished business for their progeny to carry on, or that we are imprinted by their spirits.  I wish to share his words, and to intertwine them with my own…or those inspired by men such as he.  All of the following quotes are by J. Stanley Harrison, from his book “I Think, Therefore I Am.”

“Life is God’s breath in you.  An eternal breath whose direction is changed, but never destroyed…”

“Whatever conviction we have as a purpose for life, that conviction determines what the activities of our lives shall be.”

“In a world fraught with tragedy each day of life becomes a gift for opportunities, and if we improve our own small opportunities we are better able to grasp the great chances of life.”

“Life begins every day if we have devised reasons for living.  Otherwise, it becomes just another period of time to fill in and endure, which is in essence dying…Very few people die all at once.  When a man loses his interest, his sense of wonder, his capacity to be deeply moved, he has died a little.”

“People find and plan the time to do the things they really want to do.”

I am grateful to spring forth from the tenaciousness and deep thinking displayed by my great grandfather.  I come from a family who does not relate well to one another.  I strive for a connection with them, but it as if we do not know where to begin bridging the gaps between us.  I did not know my great grandfather, but his words reach through the pages and speak to words written across my heart.  I have always had a burning desire to live my life to the fullest, to become the best version of myself that I could be, and then to reach back and assist those in pursuit of this common goal.  Time and time again I have lost my way and become sidetracked by the myriad distractions vying for our attention yet always, returning to this one, unquenchable desire.  Despite the darkness, this desire has held onto me when I have turned my back and lost myself.  I now know that who I am is because of what he began.  I am proud to be linked to this man whose words speak truth to my thoughts. 


his great granddaughter.

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