Exquisite evolution

I speak of evolution in terms of the personal journey that we traverse whether conscious or not.  No place on earth is ever the same at any other moment in the future no matter how minute the lapse in time.  The greatest testament to this is the hypnotic flow of the river.  When standing on the bank, you can allow the movement to envelop you, to carry you forward to your greatness, your potentiality.  There are many obstacles along the path that divert the flow.  This journey will take you through darkness to deliver you to your light.  It is what shapes and molds us, what creates our shine.  I cannot identify with those in life who have not allowed themselves to become a part of the river, who have not surrendered to the process.  They seem to cling to their pride and their “perfection” like toddlers to their security blankets.  These are the people who clench their rightness and repel your inquisitions and opinions and your excellence, who do not let anyone or anything penetrate their facade, and fear those who allow their light to shine.

When you open yourself up to the possibilities, and allow your expectations to dissipate, you will be amazed at the beauty that shows up for you.  Every day I am amazed at the people who show up in my life and show me a better way, a more complete way to live.  An awesome girl reminded me lately  that “sometimes things fall apart for better things to fall together.”  Unclench your fingers and allow the brokenness to shatter so that you can embrace the newness that is waiting in the shadows.  Sometimes we look in the mirror and expect to look differently as we progress, but all we can see is how far we still have left to travel.  Our testament is in the people who show up in our lives.  I still have so far to go in my journey towards the me that I want to become yet the individuals who enter my story on a daily basis testify to my evolution–our relationships are a mirror to who we are.  I may not be who I aspire to be, but my friends reflect extensive beauty and soul, and a willingness to be themselves proudly, entirely, and completely.  I applaud them and their greatness.  I love you all.  Appreciation, grace, diversity, light, joy and love.  You are what I strive to be.  Dynamic.

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