Dear hater…

Dear hater,

Thank you for your motivation, your inspiration, your excitation.  I would like to be sorry that my fullness upsets you, derails you, curtails you–though I am not, I cannot be.  For to be sorry for all that I am would be a disservice to who I am and what I stand for.  Life is short, and if not to be me, then who, what, why?  I beg and plead, encouraging you to be who you are in the darkest depths when you are left alone with your  own being, without the fakeness, the hauntings, the masks…for you interest me.  The greatest gift that we have from God is the freedom to be who our soul beckons us to be, the ability and space to spread our wings and investigate our curiosities.  I will support and applaud your journey, but I cannot cosign your ignorance.  Dear hater, thank you for reminding me why I get up in the morning and thank God for my uniqueness, my presence, my presents…my blessings, for all that I am, for all that I will be, and for the differences that I will encounter in my travels.  Dear hater, I thank God for you, and I pray that He will deliver you from your fears, and allow you the space to embrace all that you deny within your own soul, and that in doing so your heart will be opened, and you will experience a world which you have yet to know…a world which will echo your love and acceptance, which will allow you the comfort to stop, breathe, and quit fighting that which you fear or do not understand in others and in yourself.  The very greatest blessing is our individuality…recognize it, give thanks for it, and rejoice in it.  Namaste.

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