Dear Fallen Angel…

Dear Fallen Angel…where did you come from, where did your journey begin, and what began your fall from grace?  What hurt entered your life and took over your being, what is it that you could not rebound from?  Were you once a mother, a father, a son, a daughter, a lawyer, a teacher, a doctor…did you begin and end a lost soul, unseen and forgotten by the mainstream?  When you sit there on the corner at the mercy of the passerby’s, do they snicker, do they judge, do they scurry for fear of what hides behind the tattered clothes and the unkempt beard?  Do they yell, “get a job?!” For they fear what they do not understand, and what they fear they could become…there but by the grace of God go I.  What is it that causes  you to bow at the alter of drugs, alcohol, sex, abuse…what is it that keeps you down, promising you deliverance, but delivering you enslavement?  Offering you peace through entrapment.  Did you beckon to God, and did he deny you?  For I believe that he wouldn’t, but I can’t grasp these fallen angels, and their states of despair, their aloneness which in ways they caused, but how can broken souls be held accountable for their brokenness?  How can they be left to fall the greatest depths without a net?  How can we turn a blind eye?  Where do we begin?  All that I know is that it must begin with love and compassion…something that must begin inside ourselves, and radiate to the most difficult to love, those who do nothing for it yet deserve it most.  I have many fallen angels in my life, and despite the tragedy, the heartache, I can’t help but see them as mere angels…before their falls from grace, and I pray that I may be a mirror to their once triumphant reign…hope, prayer, faith.

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