Speak your truth…

This may be stating the obvious, or easier said than done, but it is something that too many of us neglect.  We filter and sensor for fear of how it will be received, but is that living with the freedom that we were given?  I speak not of the constitutional right to freedom of speech, but of the God given right to have a mind, a heart, a soul, feelings, emotion, and the ability and gift to put it into words and share it with another, with the world, in honor of ourselves…It is my hope for all of us that we gather the courage to share what we are feeling, and to stand confident in our expression.  It is an act of faith to open up ourselves, and to let a part of us leak out where it can be judged by those who are on the other end, but don’t let that stop you, don’t hesitate.  In the working of that faith, you will lose a few along the way, those who do not support your honesty, your raw truth, but those who stand up and shed light upon your authenticity will make up for that which is lost in the crossfire.  For those who support and receive you in that state, are those who are truly invested in your journey, those who love you because of your truth, or those who love you anyway.  Be bold, be vulnerable, be strong, be you…Speak your truth.

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