Goodbyes and Endings…Beginnings and Inbetweens…

Life has its own agenda, the incoming and outgoing of the waves. We sit on the beach building castles in the sand. Our fortresses comprised of our hopes and dreams, expectations and aspirations. In the moment when we gaze to the sky, daydreaming of our realities, or what we perceive them to be, we return our gaze to find all that we knew, or believed to be, in total devastation, heartbreaking destruction. Who are we to stop the tide? No foresight could have avoided the inevitability…no avoidance could have spared the sadness, the feeling of loss, of betrayal, of desertion.

Such is life…We walk along believing that we understand or have it figured out, only to realize that it can all change in an instant. The bottom can fall out, lambs can become lions, winter becomes spring. There are times when nothing that we can do will change the fact that our lives are becoming forever altered. When those we thought we knew like the lines on our palm will dissolve into a shattered reflection. When we are left standing in the ashes of all that we knew. It is in those moments when we can chase our tails trying to glue back the pieces into what once was, or we can rise and begin anew from where we currently stand taking with us the strength of fortitude, the blessing to begin again, to choose wiser and different. Goodbyes Endings Beginnings Inbetween. All precious, all with purpose, all unavoidable, all necessary.

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