If that day comes when you cannot see yourself, hear yourself, feel yourself, except as a ghost…do not begin to dig up the bones, frantically clawing through the dirt, searching behind every corner in every place where you once existed…let your non existense exist. Panic will only cause yourself to further elude you. Action will only drive yourself farther away. Fear will only magnify a situation which cannot be defined. With every death, life is borne. It may be for the best that you have become a ghost. Your heartbeat promises an opportunity to begin again, anew, when you are ready, when you have mourned your death, let go of the past, and have the courage to seize and create your future. When you have the wisdom to assess if any partial possession from the ashes should be salvaged, or merely let go with the ruins…This day may never come, come once, or come often…If it does, be a silent spectator at your own funeral, and then when ready, begin again. If it does not, stay ahead of death, cheat it, live life fully and authentically, being true only to yourself…for you are the one constant part of your life.

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