A single step…

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao-tzu

This is how God designed it…too often in life, we sit around waiting for the profound arrival of a significant blessing in our lives, expecting fireworks, birds chirping, symphonies playing, and our opportunities presented on a silver platter wrapped in a big, red bow. So when it arrives in the form of an out of the blue phone call from someone presenting a seemingly simple and unrelated opportunity, or a chance encounter from someone out of the blue, we are too busy looking past it for our grand parade…

We then sit around asking God and life why He isn’t listening or doesn’t care. More often than not, things will show up silently and unexpectedly in the form of one simple step.  It may seem innocent, or it may require bold faith, but in either case, it will require the understanding that as we move to take each small step, the next steps will continue to be revealed like clues in a treasure hunt. This not only makes life fun and interesting, but it also protects us from shying away from our blessings in fear. God desires to bring our hopes and dreams to pass for He is the one that placed them there. However, His plan is bigger and better than anything we could ask for, and revealing it all at once would confound us. Just as with everything else in life, we must grow, learning one step at a time, perfecting each step.

Had I have known from the first day that I would be where I am at this moment, I would have ran away in fear….I stand today in gratitude for I wouldn’t change a single moment or aspect of my current reality and journey. I know abundant joy, love, and adventure. Stay open, anticipate, and continue–one step at a time.

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