Respect is giving someone the space and the room to make their own decisions. It means allowing them to grow through the struggle so that they can improve their hustle. It means believing in them enough to allow them to take the direction that feels right for them for what we say can have a tremendous effect on what they do. We must cast aside our own judgements and fears, and allow them the blessing to live on their terms from their wisdom. Until we have traversed the path of another, stumbled over their stones, fallen into their ditches, felt the sun on our backs and the wind on our face, maneuvered our way to new roads and paths, we cannot speak for them. Until we have fallen, risen and trekked the path they are on, we cannot predict what could happen. We cannot foresee the victories and challenges that lie ahead. It is not for us to know. For each of us, there are things that we must see and do…there are falls we must experience, and wisdom that we must gain during the process of rising from a fall. If we try to insert our wisdom into the path of another, they will either be unable to hear us, or we could send them in the wrong direction. Remember that we are all blessed with inherent wisdom, and it is an injustice to another to speak over the voice that echos in their mind. Give volume to their silent whispers, and testify to the rightness of that which they know within. Allow them the gift of living. Allow them to travel at their own pace in their own way. Help them travel boldly and with empowerment and peace rather than fear and doubt. When we listen to ourselves, not to the voice of fear, but the whisper of truth, we experience peace. When we do what we know to be right for us, we act in empowerment. In doing this, we will have the opportunity to end up somewhere which belongs to us, rather than wake up in someone else’s journey.

Do not put living off another day. We are never promised tomorrow, and our dreams happen by grasping and seizing our todays, our opportunities, and our joys. In fact, we create our opportunities by showing up for ourselves, by showing up for our dreams.

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