Me, Him, Our Journey…

It has been one unique ride. I was blessed with a difficult childhood which allowed me to grow strong and independent.  I wasn’t protected or sheltered, I was schooled by life.  I was blessed with imperfections that have kept me humble. I was blessed with passion which sets my soul on fire. I was blessed to meet a multitude of people which created within me curiosity, diversity, respect, love and admiration. I was blessed with a love and hunger for life, for people, for the earth, for that which cannot be seen, for the moments when I can close my eyes and feel transcended. I was blessed with a taste for words, and an inability to achieve poetic satiety. I hear music in languages, see God in his children, find joy in a sunset and peace in the crashing of waves. I have learned life without Him and experienced the darkness that I am capable of and the brokenness that is possible. I have experienced His strength and soared with eagles. I have fallen from great heights, and risen from deep trenches. I have fallen from grace and risen from the ashes like a phoenix. I have lived many lifetimes in such a short existence. I have done all of this only to have built the foundation of what He has for me. It has taken all of this to learn that I can be a proud and confident woman, that He and life give me permission to walk tall and live out loud and in high definition. I have been in high places, and He has escorted me to the bottom to erase my fears. When I close my eyes, I can see what He has for me…when I sit in solitude, I can hear my own voice, and it reminds me of what He has imprinted in me and made me capable of. It is in those moments that I smile and give thanks for the blessing and privilege of being me, of the desire to taste life that I possess. Of the unquenchable thirst for adventure and knowledge, of the unending desire to administer to and experience others…to share their plight and rejoice in their joys. I have been blessed with angels who disguise themselves as my friends…who love me when I am unlovable, who speak strength into me when I have none, who share in my joys and lighten my sorrows. I am blessed to have the respect, admiration and understanding of kings and queens. I am blessed to be the daughter of two of the greatest teachers, who pushed me out of the nest allowing me to fall, knowing that I would soar.

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