Words as tears….

These words are my tears. Their purpose is not pity, but to purge that which does not belong or serve my purpose and direction. I do not have time for tears as I am steady in pursuit of something greater than the place which I currently stand. My circumstances do not define me, but deliver me to that which God has spoken into my heart. I travel light for that is the only way to truly arrive at such a destination. I keep that which can be used further along my path, toss that which cannot, and cherish my two most prized posessions. My photos and my words. My pictures are snapshots of moments which I will never forget and that enriched me in ways difficult to articulate, yet which can be understood in the moment that I view them. It takes me back to the smell, the feeling, the hope, the fear, the joy, the tear…moments which have carried, and often pushed me to where I am today, and more importantly to where I am headed. I may not be able to carry each relationship with me, but the moments, the essence of each moment, and the affect they had on me, live among my photos. My journal is littered with words…my words, your words…those which were written, and those which were spoken. I remember every syllable of hope, of encouragement, of belief, faith, and friendship, and I forgive those which sought destruction.  I remember your words when you believed in me although I did not. I remember the words of the moments that I would never choose to relive, and those which I would give anything to experience once more. I remember the look in the eyes of the deliverer, and the feeling of the receiver. My words are my tears, and they are my power. They speak for me when I cannot otherwise speak. They cleanse that which pains, and empower that which stands ready to be empowered. When there is nothing else for me to do, I let my fingers type, or the pen write, and I am transformed to a place better than where I currently stand, from where I am or have been to where I am going. Please accept these words as my tears.

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