Poetically Powerless

One of my greatest downfalls in life is my need to control.  Growing up in the midst of chaos, it was the mechanism that I used to cope, and I have continued clinging to it throughout my journey.  When I do so, I am tempted to think that I am the most powerful force in my life.  While in many ways empowering, this can become a scary feeling when facing seemingly impossible and insurmountable circumstances.  It is then that I remember that God, or whatever you choose to identify with, is there waiting for me to quit swimming upstream, and to relinquish the reins.

It is wisdom to do all that you can to control your own circumstances, but insanity to try to control the actions of others, or the outcomes of our actions. Choose instead to be powerfully powerless. Do all that you can, and release the rest.  Life is meant to be enjoyed, not managed or manipulated. The attempt to control steals us of that enjoyment. Do what you can, say a prayer, and let it go with a smile…and then let it be…

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