Growing up, I used to regret a lot of things…I strived to be perfect, and came down hard on myself when I fell short. I don’t know when the day came that changed my life forever. I realized that life isn’t about being perfect, but about doing the best that we can and enjoying the process. “You will be called upon to account for joys not taken.” Talmud Beautiful. There is a scripture in the bible that I remember off the top of my head. It says something to the affect that “men are that they might have joy.” Forgive my casual reference. It is true. God did not just create robots, he created creatures with hearts and souls. Our talents and passions are the vessel in which we communicate from our souls, it illustrates our deepest truth and being. God made a canvas, and we are all a necessary portion of that canvas. When I shut my eyes, I hear my own voice, and it is the voice of reality. I realize that I see the world differently, but I wouldn’t want to see it any other way. I am grateful for every experience and encounter that I have endured. I began a naive girl, but I have emerged a confident, peaceful individual. The only regrets I have are about the chances that I did not take. I would rather fail a million times than fail to try, to live, to chance just once. For that is why I get up in the morning and give thanks for my next breath. Do not regret the process of learning that you have lived, give thanks for the journey and leap every chance you get. Leap. Love. Laugh. Live.

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