Trust starts with us, it springs forth from within. It is not an ethereal, abstract idea. It is a choice, a decision, a way of life. By making trust dependent on an outside source, we are giving away our power. We cannot control the actions of others, but we have the option to trust ourselves, our judgement, and our ability to recover. Trust resides at the epicenter of life, it is infused into every encounter, every relationship, every choice, action and decision. Without it, we build walls around ourselves and rather than keep everyone else out, we are only keeping ourselves in. The best way to improve our ability to trust, is to act in truthful ways. I have learned that often, those with the most difficult time trusting are often those who feel guilty about their current or past actions. Again, in all things, we have the power to change. As Gandhi says, “be the change you wish to see in the world.” If you desire trusting relationships, act truthfully. Be truthful with yourself first and foremost, and that truth will emanate from within to those whom cross your path. Our souls crave love and support, and there will be times in our lives when we are the only ones who can give that to ourselves. We desire the connection we get when looking ourselves in the eyes of our reflection. We must get to a point in our life where we accept everything that we have created for ourselves, and move on peacefully from that, thankful for who it has made us. We need to trust that we will include the right people into our lives. Often in life, we get what we need rather than what we want. If a relationship or friendship goes “wrong,” trust that it was an experience that you needed for your evolution and progression; let it go, and give thanks for it, trusting that you were changed by it. Trust the dreams and desires of your heart. Life and people may try to convince you of their wrongness, but trust that which resides within you as your truth and rightness. Trust your judgement. Trust the choices you make, and the sound of your own voice. Don’t give your power away to others and let them speak your truth, only you can do that. Again, sometimes we get what we need before we get what we want. A “failed” decision or relationship, may have actually been a success according to the bigger picture. You just have to trust yourself, life, and the process of your evolution. Trust in your ability to recover. That if things seem to go “bad,” that it was in fact what you needed in some way, some form. You may have needed the learning experience, or the pain, the temporary joy, you cannot know or understand from your limited perspective. Quit analyzing. Just allow it to have shaped you. Trust your ability to continue to walk forward, walk tall, and walk authentically. Trust may be messy, but it is safe. You will be okay. It is an exciting and rewarding part of the journey. Trust. Hope. Peace. Respect.

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